Our pets who need a home and loving owners


1. Overexposure for homeless animals:

  • 200tg per day + food + filler (for cats) payment 30 days in advance.

2. Overexposure for pets:

  • 400 tg per day + feed + filler.

Conditions of detention:

  • stove;
  • heater;
  • aviaries of different sizes;
  • Toys
  • bowls for food;
  • tray;

To receive a pet in overexposure:

  • pay pet up to 30 days in advance;
  • get a certificate from the veterinarian about the condition of the animal;
  • it is desirable to vaccinate the animal or introduce serum Vitafel C;

Terms of delivery of animals:

- I can pick up animals under the contract

Additional services:

  • primary health care services: injections, pill treatment, etc.
  • Help with PR.

Dear friends!

The shelter is experiencing great difficulties with the maintenance of animals. Please do not require the volunteers to accept the animal if they are unable to do so. This non-governmental organization and volunteers physically can not accept all animals in distress.

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