Do you want to help the development of the animal protection movement in Kazakhstan?

Take part in the activities of shelters and animal protection organizations your city

Inform relatives, friends and colleagues about the problems in the zoozaschitnoy sphere of the country. After all, the root of the problem lies in the lack of awareness of the population and, often, the lack of education of a humane attitude towards animals.

Notify the police and Animal protection organizations of your city if you have witnessed animal abuse!

Do not pass by an animal in trouble. Perhaps he was lost and his master is looking for him . If your pet is in poor condition, if possible, take him to the vet clinic and try to attach in good hands yourself. Attach an animal under the extension contract!

Join the ranks of your city

Follow News zooprotection movement on our website, distribute Public awareness materials about the problems of animal protection in social networks

The big way begins with small steps. Modernization of people's consciousness is a difficult and lengthy process, but everyone can make their own contribution to the humanization of attitudes towards animals in Kazakhstan.

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..and simply telling about it to my friends and relatives.

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