• Astana-vetservis Temporary detention facility (trapping)

    Dear residents of Astana. If your pet is lost, we advise you to immediately contact the animal catching service of Nur-Sultan. The sooner you contact them, the more chances are that your pet will return to you safe and sound. The temporary detention center for animals is located at the veterinary services center at the Astana Vetervice, located a..Read more ..

..t Astana, 1 Aksumbe Lane, tel .: 28-59-70, 57-03-54, +77761097776 (WhatsApp).

Contacts of the head office of KGP at PHV "Astana vetservis"

Opening hours: From 9.00 to 18.00 hours, with a lunch break from 13.00 to 14.30 hours.

Address: 010000, Astana, Saryarka district, st. Zhenis, d. 3. Phone: +7 (7172) 28-59-70, 57-03-54, 35-63 99 Email: vetservis12@mail.ru In order to pick up a pet from trapping, it is necessary to carry out the following procedures:

When applying to a specialized body for the return and (or) transfer of stray or stray animals, the owners or the person applying will show:

1) identity card;

2) a veterinary passport for dogs and cats and (or) a photograph with the owner;

Employees of a specialized organization have the right to transfer captured animals to third parties with the obligatory conclusion of an agreement stipulating the obligation of a third party to ensure the safety of the animal and proper care for it.

To return the animal (dog, cat), you must contact Astana Vetservice to issue a pass to the temporary detention center.

Нур-Султан (Астана), улица Аксумбе, 4