Animals in the city Astana

Animals that fall into the city catching are doomed to sleep if the new owners do not take them ..

You can save the animal from catching sleep by becoming its master.

Probably everyone knows that animals caught in the city catch should be put to sleep after a certain period of time. The duration of this period in different cities of Kazakhstan varies from a few days to several weeks, but the fate of an animal that was never taken away is the sleep.

In the catch of the veterinary service, in addition to stray animals, there may also be lost pets. If you have a lost pet, it may be among the animals.

Volunteers-zoodefenders at the limit of their abilities try to attach animals from trapping to good hands or put them in overflowing animal shelters.

If you or your friends want to { a dog or a cat , don’t buy an animal, but rather save the life of a doomed animal that will love you no less than a purebred pet.

Also, you can spread information about these animals on social networks, perhaps one of your subscribers will take them home.